Call to Order
1. Roll Call
Salute to Flag
A. Additions, Correction, Deletions
1. Approval of agenda.
B. Public Hearings
1. A public hearing to consider amendments to Ordinance No. 026-2020 (amended mask ordinance adopted 8/19/20) and Ordinance No. 027-2020 (bar/restaurant closures/alcohol sales ban extended following lobster mini season as adopted 8/1920) in response to COVID-19 pandemic.Comment
documentAgenda Item Printout
a. Ordinance No. 026-2020 amending Ordinance No. 024-2020 (COVID req face covering) BOCC 8 19 20 (Q1)
b. Ordinance No. 027-2020 amending Ordinance No. 025-2020 (COVID - bar/restaurant closures; ba alcohol sales) BOCC 8 19 20 (Q1)
c. Notice of Intention to Consider Adoption of County Ordinances amending COVID 19 ordinances (with POPs: Keys Weekly; News Barometer) 9 9 20
C. Project Management
1. Approval of Second Amendment to the Task Order with CPH, Inc. for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Administration Building Envelope Evaluation and Repair project in the amount of $33,680.00. This Second Amendment adds Construction Administration Services.Comment
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a. Second Amend_CPH_MCSO Envelope_CPH signed
b. Task Order & 1st Amend_CPH_EXEC
D. Budget
1. County Administrator's Budget Updates.
E. Public Input
F. Announcement of the Public Hearing for Final Adoption of the Fiscal Year 2021 millage rates and budget public hearing to be held at 5:05 P.M. on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 @
G. Commissioner's Comments